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of the world’s wastewater is discharged without any treatment.

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of the world’s population depends on groundwater as the main source of drinking water.


estimated ratio of failed septic systems worldwide.

Think global, act local. And actually do it.


Tulum: a fragile ecosystem.

World-famous for its Mayan heritage, white-sand beaches and turquoise sea, Tulum is part of a highly vulnerable ecosystem: the second-longest coral barrier reef and the largest underground river system on the planet.

Water is very important to Tulum. Its underground freshwater river is the main source of water for the town’s inhabitants.


Explosive real estate growth.

Over the past 10 years, Tulum has been among the leaders in real estate growths in Latin America. Because of the severely inadequate municipal water services, 95% of all construction projects must extract freshwater from its own well and provide for the treatment of its wastewater.

This decentralized approach quickly became a ticking health and environmental time bomb.


Fighting the elements.

Due to the lack of topsoil, contaminents are not absorbed; instead, they trickle through the porous limestone bedrock and end up in the population’s freshwater source. An outbreak of Hepatitis A in 2015 was just a small example of the hazard potential.

We need to implement the installation of advanced wastewater treatment technologies in an appealing, cost-effective manner for homeowners and real estate companies.


Improving established technology.

Extended wastewater oxygenation is a key technology among industrial wastewater treatment plants. We refined this process and turned it into a consumer product that dramatically improves the performance of traditional domestic septic systems.

The result of years of research and design is AERO: the most efficient, easy to install and retrofittable wastewater oxygenation device for off-grid residentials.


A global septic system revolution.

Over the past 3 years, we have proven AERO’s success with hundreds of installations in Tulum treating millions of liters with our devices, alleviating the pressing demand for municipal services and reducing the water pollution of Tulum’s ecosystem.

AERO has become the most popular wastewater treatment system in the area.


Our mission is to help businesses and individuals everywhere to improve their septic systems and reduce the impact of wastewater on their freshwater sources the environment at large.

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Aero units installed in Tulum have treated:

liters of wastewater, reducing groundwater pollution and
helping the community live in a healthy environment.