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treatment of wastewater in your projects and businesses.

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Architects & Builders

We assist you to build the best wastewater treatment system for your project at no extra cost, customized to your needs, simple to build, extremely cost-effective and in compliance with local building codes.

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We assist you in planning, designing and installing the best-suited wastewater management system for your development and turn wastewater treatment to an added value for your project.

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By treating wastewater in a sustainable and cost-effective manner, AERO can turn sustainable wastewater management into an asset of your business.

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No need to buy a wastewater treatment plant. We can build the best one together.

Biodigestor Septic Tank Prefab WTP Septic Tank + Aero Max
Ease of operation
Effluent quality
Bad odors
Sludge removal
Water recycling

Do you need help to build the septic tank for your project?

Follow the instructions in this manual to design and build a ready-to-install Aero MAX septic tank.

Beyond water

AERO advanced wastewater treatment systems help you mitigate the impact of your projects and/or businesses on the environment and its freshwater resources. Differentiate your business by adopting modern and sustainable solutions to the challenges of the 21st century.

Be part of the solution.

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