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Slide Constant micro air bubble diffusion has been the standard method in industrial wastewater treatment facilities for decades. It oxygenates, degrades and clarifies wastewater to produce a cleaner and safer water effluent.

We customized this technology to fit septic tanks of individual households, residential complexes and businesses.

Simple, effective, economical.
High technology
in a Box.
Watch how it works arrow_forward Tinaco de rotoplas usado como tanque séptico Cuba prefabricada usada como tanque séptico Fosa séptica de obra Powerful treatment that
fits any septic tank.
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Slide Aero Compact CYLINDER:
Upper diameter                       32.5 cm.
Lower diameter                          34 cm.
Height                                          41 cm.
Weight                                       16.4 kg.

Bubble size                              0.9 mm.
Hole count                                  6,600
Media surface                  26,200 cm.2
Height                                       18.6 cm.
Width                                        13.2 cm.
Length                                     20.8 cm.
Weight                                         4.1 kg.
Voltage                             110 V.-120 V.
Frequency                                    60 Hz.
Rated power                                 24 W.
Air flow                                      40 LPM.
Sound level                                  30 dB.
Powered by Hiblow Norma oficial mexicana Robust technology out
of sight, out of mind.
You will not have to worry about it for many years. Still, you should know how it is constructed. Interior del Aero Compact

Boost your septic system treatment.

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